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Life story
May 12, 2000
Born on May 12, 2000.
May 23, 2012
Passed away on May 23, 2012.
Your life with Mommy began in the Summer of 2000.When i first seen you,you was being kept outside on a chain!I said this is absolutly not going to work,Tinker is not a outside dog for one,for two i do not believe in keeping any animal chained up!"Well your Daddy was like he is not coming in the house,he's fine out there.He's use to being out there.He's been out there all this time and he has done just fine."I could not believe that he would even have a little dog like that outside,and especially chained up."Well needless to say him and i went round,and round as i was not leaving him out there.He kept telling me you cannot bring him in here he is use to being out there and he will pee everywhere.I said"well yeah that is all he's known is being outside,but i can house train him.So one day when he went to work i brought Tinker in the house and the only time he ever went back outside was to either go potty,or go bye,bye."It did take me a little while to house train him,but i did.Tinker was quite the character.Once he realized he did not have to be outside on the chain anymore he really began to open up and spread his wings.I found out how playful he was,how he enjoyed howling at the train(even in his sleep).He loved to go fishing to as he was a little scuba diver.I so loved his little personalitySmileAnd The day his brother died he cried,as he knew he was not ever coming back.But he was so accepting of all his other brothers,and sister.I could never believe how good they all got along.Then one day Tinker started getting sick,and it seemed like no matter what we did he did not seem to get any better.The last trip to the vets office showed that his kidneys had completely failed him,and we needed to make a decision that we really did not want to make.We were going to have to say farewell to Tinker."I thought,this cannot be happing,but it was!And on February 23,2012 Tinker went home to be with his brother Major in Heaven.We were there with him until he took his final breathe talking to him letting him know it was alright for him to go home.He is severely missed,but i know that he will ne able to run free.I will always Love and Miss You Tinker but one day we will meet again.Until that day comes RUN FREE MY FRIEND,RUN FREE.....
                                    I LOVE YOU