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Never did understand though as much as you enjoyed going fishing,and doing your scuba diving thing why whenever you were picked up and put near the water those little legs of your would just go."You did not even have to be touching the water just over it!"Once you were in it you was fine you had no problem with swimming.But that use to just tickle Mommy."
After Mommy let you in the house i noticed that you was having issues with peeing every place!'I knew you was not doing it just because there was something wrong.So i went ahead and made a appointment at the vets office for you to take you in and get you checked out.Once we got there Mommy realized that you really did not want to be there.But the only way for me to help you was for you to se the vet.So Mommy was standing there with you on your leash filling out paperwork for you,and all of a sudden i felt something warm on my leg!"I looked down and seen that you had peed on Moomy."Once i got you in there and got you checked out Mommy found out that you had a bladder infection.So we got some medication for you.Never will forget that as i could not believe that you peed on Mommy!"Surprised
Nor will i ever forget your first night in the house sleeping in the bed with Mommy and the train went through.Man you howled,and howled!"That was not the funniest part of it though.The funniest part was later that night after everyone had went to sleep,the train went through again and you howled in your sleep!"Now that was funny!Smile
I so loved when we would go fishing because you would run down to the shoreline looking for the minos!Once you spotted them you would stick your head in the water trying to catch them with your mouth!You certainly was not scared of the water as far as that part was concerned.Mommy called you my little scuba diver!"Smile
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